Wed May 25 2016

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Warbased Trading-Card-Game
Monthly Tournaments
Seasonbased Ranking
Desktop-, Laptop-, Tablet-Ready
Quickstart (no install needed)

Welcome to the ALPHA of WARDECKS

If you already have your alpha slot - congratulations. You´re now in our special alpha-test-team!

Alpha means, that you may find one ore two errors. In that case, you can report them via the „Report Bug“ function which can be found in the upper right corner next to the logout button. We would really appreciate if you could help us here.

When you look around in your account, you might find some features which are deactivated in alpha mode (e.g. ranked and unranked games, create cards and some more). Most of them will be activated in beta mode.

Alpha features:

- random deck fun mode (you will receive a random deck and play against a random enemy)
- search for other players and add them to your friends list
- invite your friends to a random deck match

How to get in?

Please note that our closed alpha has limited slots - we will open more slots from time to time and inform you via email.

1. Sign up for free

2. Confirm your signup via Mail

3. Wait for your alpha slot

4. Login & enjoy!

Report Bugs

report now